about EUdyssee

EUdyssee – New viewpoints upon Europe 

Originally, the EUdyssee was initiated in order to re-discover Europe, to see what the crisis is doing with the continent and with the lives of the many people, who live there and then to provide information in German; information that allow to look at our reality from a different angle.

All of this still applies, but with www.eudyssee.eu the project will be broader and more international. More languages (always accompanied by an English translation and a German version on www.eudyssee.net), more people, more viewpoints. This blog provides space for those, who want to express their opinions, who want to inform and be informed about what they observe and live, point out problems, but also present solutions, examples of how Europe could work and introduce people, who try to improve our lives and raise awareness.

EUdyssee is independent. Nobody tells me what to post or not to post. However, ideas that involve fascism, killing others, overthrow democracy or anything comparable are not helping and therefore clearly a waste of time and space.

EUdyssee is strongly supporting and highly motivated by the concept of democracy. It is the aim of this project to discover structures and possibilities to shape Europe according to the principles that democracy stands for.

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